Comment Policy

If you want to comment on my blog, here are a few things to know:


  • Let me know your opinion. If you disagree with me please do it respectfully. I will return the favor.
  • Add your own insights. I’m sure that you know more about some things than I do and I’d love to learn from you because it makes me smarter.


  • Profanity. Period. I will block anyone who uses any no-no words in their comments.
  • Lies. It is fine to disagree with me, but no libel.
  • Spam. Don’t even try.

Some things to know

  • I moderate all comments before they go public.
  • I will block anyone who doesn’t follow these rules.
  • I reserve the right to modify a comment’s content, author’s name or any other information related to the comment before approving a comment.
  • If a comment is nonsensical I reserve the right to not approve it. I also reserve the right to determine the meaning of nonsensical.

Scared to comment? Don’t worry if you are a legit comment-er. I won’t block people or their comments just because I don’t like their name. I will only block you if you ignore the rules I’ve set up.

Happy Commenting!