My Thoughs on Rubio’s Suspended Campaign

I respect Marco Rubio for his decision to suspend his campaign. He has cemented himself in my mind as a person who cares about this great American Republic.

I believe that Marco Rubio’s best days are ahead of him. If Rubio endorses Cruz and/or Cruz comes out and says that Rubio will be Cruz’s running mate, the Cruz-Rubio ticket will be unstoppable. They will beat The Donald and go on to beat Hillary or Bernie. After hopefully 8 years of a Cruz administration, Rubio will be in a great position to run for President. I’m convinced that Cruz is the next Regan which would make Rubio the next George H. W. Bush.

It’s time for We The People to take our country back from the political elites in both parties. It’s time for conservatives across the nation to stand for limited government as invisioned by our founders. It’s time for libertarians to stand for individual freedoms. It’s time for Christians stand for our principles and for what is right in the sight of God. The only way we will do this is by uniting behind Ted Cruz.

(Simultaneously posted on Medium.)


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